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Pastor Dwayne Brown 


Pastor Dwayne Brown is an outgoing leader, visionary, and entrepreneur who serves as senior pastor of the Blood Stain Church currently located in Lynnwood, WA. 


Pastor Dwayne came to the US from Jamaica in 2002 in search of a better life and opportunities. He began to do carpentry to provide for his family and with much experience was able to start his own business in 2015 called Yah Mon Construction. He was also a local gospel artist named Jamaica D. One of his most popular songs is Destined for Greatness and Read the Bible Everyday. As a business owner , Pastor Dwayne takes pride in men being leaders of their family. 

During his time in the US. Pastor Dwayne made his way to Everett, WA to join and serve Jubilee Church of God in Christ under the leadership of Bishop Alvin C. Moore. As Pastor Dwayne served as a minister, an elder, and an armor bearer, God gave him a dream about the name of the church he was called to Pastor. He began to write down the vision and scriptures given to him in this dream. In 2019, God led Pastor to help build a church with Apostle Robinson of the Northwest Church of Jesus Christ.  It wasn't until 2020, during the pandemic, he was given a push to start the Blood Stain Church. In April 2020, he began doing sermons on Facebook live. Shortly after November 2020, he was ordained as a Pastor by Apostle Robinson. The first service was held January 1, 2021. He serves with his wife Lady TaShara Brown and they share 8 kids they are raising up in Christ. 

Lady TaShara Brown 


Lady TaShara Brown was born in Long Beach, California and raised in Seattle, WA. She is an author, speaker and visionary.  In 2012, Lady Brown received her Bachelors Degree in Accounting. There after, she serviced many different companies, organizations and entrepreneurs. As well as wrote her first book Financial Finesse to help entrepreneurs better understand business finance.

Lady Brown has recently poured her expertise in building her families businesses and organization. Working along side her husband, Pastor Brown in Yah Mon Construction as the Chief Financial Officer. 

As a mother and Woman of God, she take pride in leading a God fearing life.

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