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Kingdom Basketball is a ministry under Blood Stain Church. The leaders of the church, Pastor Dwayne Brown and Lady TaShara Brown, saw a need for children from ages 7 through 12 to have consistent training with regard to basketball fundamentals. This will increase children’s likelihood of making a team and increase the skills of those already on a team.

Although all are welcome to join, we do have a heart for underserved children. Our desire is to help at-risk lowincome minority children build a future through basketball by creating an environment that promotes character building, education, leadership, healthy and drug-free behaviors, mentorship, and confidence. Statistics show that juvenile crime rates are consistently reduced in neighborhoods in which sports-based youth development programs target at-risk teens. Our goal is to start them early. Help us build stronger families and communities one athlete at a time. 


Players will improve their ball-handling skills, shooting, defense, footwork, and athleticism to take their game to the next level. Each training day will focus on but not limited to:


Mastering the dribble can help you protect the ball from your opponent and advance the ball to the hoop to score 

We will help players master their ball-handling skills so that they can become great dribblers.


If your form is right, you not only have a higher likelihood of being accurate, but also a higher likelihood of being 
accurate quicker. Accordingly, when you build the proper shooting form in your muscle memory, it will become 
second nature. Players who shoot at a higher percentage give themselves a tremendous competitive advantage. 

We will show players the correct form needed to be great shooters.

In basketball, good defense requires agility, footwork, and a deep understanding of fundamentals. Good defense puts great pressure on opponents’ offensive strategies. 

We will teach players the footwork required to be great defenders.


Speed and agility training is crucial for basketball players to improve footwork, balance, and coordination. Speed and agility training is also essential to minimizing injuries for basketball players.

We will provide agility training to improve speed, balance, and coordination, as well as to reduce injuries.

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